Let's hunt some nudes!
Have you noticed how many nude sculptures are in the Riga center? Or how many nude ladies and gentlemen are decorating the exterior of buildings?
Well, today you have a quest to do and pay attention!

Scroll down and see some details of the sculptures. There is also a hint - something that describes the area where it is located. Also, there is a map so you won't get lost when you will search them.

You can sketch at your own pace! Share the sketches on social media, tag us in and/or send them to drinkndrawlatvia@gmail.com!
Explore the pictures and a map,
then make your own route and have fun!
To the Sun
Near the square of liberty and near the biggest trees in the park
In the Sauna
With a look to the canal she washes herself gracefuly
Ballet Dancer
Next to the small bridge and the House of the songs
The Land of Mine
In the front of the House of all knowledge and observatory
The Nymph
In front of the House of songs and music
A group of objects flies in the air and connects to the history of House of songs
The Spring
Grooms and brides leave their locks for ethernal love
The Morning
In between to canal and the hill hides awaken beauty
The Dance
Three ladies dances surrounded by trees. Near to something Blue.
The house of many faces
Latvia announced its independence for the first time in here