What's the idea?
There are many subscription boxes available.
But! There is always a butt! How about a life drawing subscription box with nude model references? We want to create an opportunity to learn and practice model sketching in a non-academic and fun way with sketching tasks, how-to videos and much more!

What will be in each box?
Art supplies and paper
Each box will have a theme and thoughtfully handpicked sketching tools and materials
Nude model references
3-7 nude model reference images to inspire to draw the diverse and expressive human figure
Sketching tasks
Fun and creative tasks like distinctive techniques and fresh methods for creative sketching
How-to-use video
Examples of how to use the media in different traditional and also out-of-the-box ways
Sketching challenge
After creating and publishing your artworks on social media, you can participate in a raffle
Photo references in collaboration with lingerie designers or extra videos of life drawing basics

How to support?
We need art supplies like sketching tools, paper and accessories to put in this box.
Sketching and drawing media
Charcoal, pencils of all kinds, inks, watercolors, acrylic paints, etc. We want to make this box with a variety of different supplies that people can experiment with.
Paper sheets, pads, sketchbooks and canvases
For each media we want to provide appropriate surfaces to work on. The right combo of media and surface is a must to experience the most of this box!
Accessories and bonuses
Pencil sharpeners, brushes, desk accessories, washi tapes, paperclips - anything that could help our artists enjoy the sketching process is welcome!

What can YOU gain from this?
True reviews, promotion in our local Baltic artist community and presence on our website
Truth and truth only in Drink and Draw style
Our values are honesty and reliability, therefore real reviews with a bit of sarcasm and jokes make the connection with our artists real.
2 posts per month about your art supplies on our FB/IG
Due to COVID19, social media is now the most important channel for connecting with our community. Therefore sharing the experience on these platforms is a must.
10 photos per month of your product being used
We will send you a variety of high quality photos for use on any platform.
Description about the product in the box
There will be a printed art supply menu in each box we send out. Earnest description and informal commentary will be written to introduce these products.
Your logo in our care
We promote only manufacturers and businesses that we believe in. When we establish our rapport and collaboration, we would like to put your logo in our website's supporters section.
Contact us ASAP and help us to launch this box faster!
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