We want to share why, how and when to begin with sketching. All experiences are from our own Drink and Draw Latvia community events.
Welcome to Drink and Draw Latvia GUIDE TO SKETCHING!


What is a SKETCH?
✏️loose, less detailed pre-drawing
✏️typically made to understand the values, composition, proportions - a layout and framework for a long-term artwork
✏️made on thinner papers cause sketches are usually for practicing (and practicing a lot)
✏️but by a sketch, you can capture a memory of travel, an emotion, a moment, an idea, an essence sketches allow mistakes and encourage you to learn.
✏️sketching is a process.

What is a DRAWING?
✏️detailed, carefully refined long-term artwork
✏️made on high-quality papers so the drawing would be durable enough for layering, erasing and could be preserved for years
✏️usually drawing is made on bigger scale papers because more rendering and details
✏️you can capture anything with a drawing as well as sketching. it just will take much, much more time.
✏️drawing is a result.

Sketching is a process. Drawing is a result.
Sketching improves creative thinking.

You have a pencil and a piece of paper. What do you do?
Free your imagination! With only one medium you are able to make a whole new universe on the paper.
The more we use drawing as an instrument to stimulate our brain to think creatively, the better we get at it. Creative thinking gives us a perspective to see things differently, it also helps us to improve our problem-solving abilities.

Sketching has a good vibe.

Sketching is all about the process - you sit down, focus and let the positive vibes flow! Concentrating your thoughts, experimenting with all kinds of colors and mediums, see details and feel how the calming effect of sketching is getting to you. Some call it The Zone, other - the flow. Whatever name you call it sketching definitely releases positive thoughts and mindset.

Sketching relieves stress.

There's a reason to believe that drawing stimulates blood flow to the frontal lobe. Well that explains why we feel calm and relaxed... On the other hand, if you're excited or even irritated, sketching is a way to let your frustrations out on the paper! Make the darkest or the most flamboyant sketch ever and let your stress go!

Here are tips to boost your creative energy back:

DO THE OPPOSITE: if you are stuck into your own sketching style and everything seems to be so boring - think the opposite! If you love to sketch really realistically, try to do abstract forms and shapes. If your thing is fluid gesture drawings then switch to bulky single-line art! Ask yourself a question - what can I do completely crazy?

INSPIRE FROM ALREADY EXISTING: exactly! Do you have your favorite artist or just a sketch from a local community artist? Analyze the technique, style and try to do something similar! It is not copying because your model will be in a different pose and your perspective and skills are different than your inspirational artist's.
Our team has gathered more than 350 different nude sketch inspiration Pinterest board and you are welcome to use it here:

DRAW OVER: do you have sketches that you are considering not worth framing? Or maybe you have paper sheets with swatches or doodling on them? Then sketch over these things! These sketches will have a layered feeling and even if the result won't appeal to you - you will have fewer hard feelings to throw this page away.

FORGET THE WHITE PAPER: before the sketching process, you can invest a bit of time and make your own colorful backgrounds. It will be less intimidating to start sketching because the paper is not white anymore! Or just use recycled paper like old newspapers, blueprints, paper bags or wrapping paper!

PHYSICAL WELLBEING: make yourself as much comfortable as you can: wear your fluffiest sweater and sweatpants (or no-pants) and put some heartwarming music on your earphones. Maybe you love the smell of essential oils - the workplace is yours, shape it as you want!

How to SKETCH?
Sketching is a way to free yourself using paper and some art mediums. Pick up the craziest colors, find charcoal in our provided material box, make some splashes with ink! It is not about the result you get, it is about the release of emotions in your artwork.

Everyone can do it. And yes, it takes time. But the difference is that you can learn more when you're having fun, and practice takes off the pressure to produce masterpieces. With every sketch you make you can see progress in your artwork, or at the very least see what not to do next time. Look back to your sketches you made some years or months ago and compare. There is definitely an improvement to the techniques and mediums you use, and so much more character to the subjects. And there you can plainly see examples of your progress. Have you noticed it already?

We all are scared of something. Some of us are so scared of drawing or sketching that we let our adult self silence our inner child. Maybe that fear comes from your second-grade art teacher who said "you are just terrible at art," or the critical little voice in your head whispering that whatever you make is so much worse than what anyone else can make. Throw away those destructive thoughts and just let yourself be in the moment. We know - your inner child will come out of hiding and make your sketching experience liberating.