We are the ones who seek to create,
who find the unique beauty in any human form or shape.
the brains
the founder of the organization, always seeks ways to improve and get the most of the events.

magical powers: talking really loud, taking good care of models, imagining, and executing the vision of this project

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the left hand
the mediator, approaching every situation with calm and reason.

magical powers: representative if Kristina isn't in the room. Thinks that four lines are enough for any sketch

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the right hand
the heavy bag carrier and camera acrobat. always gives the sweetest hugs.

magical powers: goes mad for details in the artwork and creates magic around herself

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the neck
the one who digs out the freshest social media trends. always has an opinion and a good critical eye on things.

magical powers: asking the right questions, knowing and being in charge of the best drinks

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