June will bring a new experience for everyone curious about the art of ROPE BONDAGE. Our cozy venue brings together creatives who love body diversity, the art of the human body, and wrapping it in a pattern of knots.

We are happy to host CPH Master, a rigger from Copenhagen, to share his magical touch on ropes in a safe environment. This is a series of workshops for learning rope tying from June 14-16, but the highlight will be the event Ropes&Draw, where artists will be able to capture the art of rope bondage during the sketching process.

No experience is required to participate.

Introduction to initial consent talk and agreements on limits.

Participants will acquire a basic introduction to getting started with the first knots, knowledge of the body, rope, and basic techniques to ensure an easy and fun start to bondage.

Alternating between theory, knowledge-building, and practice.

The aim for participants is to leave the course with knowledge to build on and be inspired to explore more at home.

The workshop is held over two days - June 14 and June 16. This allows you to practice at home after the first meeting, check if you have any questions, and be able to get the answers on the second workshop.

Additionally, you can participate in the ICHINAWA workshop and explore the connection that comes with a single rope tie.

All events provide a queer-positive environment.

PRICE: 80 EUR for a pair or 50 EUR per person (if you don't have a partner)
Before reserving your spot, please read PRACTICALITIES & INFO section below.

ICHINAWA – exploring connections with one rope
All skill levels are welcome.

Regardless of your level of knowledge - using only one rope, touch and body contact - Ichinawa is meant as a tool to build on the rope connection between rigger and ropee. Through introductions and varied small sessions the attendees should be able to find and maintain a good connection regardless of the type of rope session that lays ahead of them.

Various exercises that can be used to establish a psychological flow and connection in Kinbaku
Attendees will discover an equally important aspect of the dynamic, alongside the technical approach to rope
All skill levels will benefit from this lesson (even if they haven't mastered it already)

Ichinawa is an intimate and deeply bonding practice that fosters flow both during the session and in mindset

All events provide a queer-positive environment.

PRICE: 50 EUR for a pair or 30 EUR per person (if you don't have a partner)
Before reserving your spot, please read PRACTICALITIES & INFO section below.

Attendees are expected to have acquired a basic knowledge of bondage consent and communication. Knowing single column tie, double column ties. Have basic knowledge on semi-suspension. Communication between rigger and ropee.

Workshop working on exploring partial suspension and suspension kinbaku. Focus on suspension lines, keeping ropework tidy, rope tension and safety. Tying a tight gote and how it can be used for suspension and floorwork. We will further more talk about safety, risks and communication.

Learning or polishing the FUTOMOMO tie (binding the calf to the thigh) with a variety of interpretations for use on the arms in suspension.
Exploration of the AGURA tie, incorporating the CPH Master's approach to this tie.
Understanding the use of different tensions while tying, along with tips and tricks.
Study of an adjustable loop knot that can be used in suspension and generally in Kinbaku.

RIGGERS are supposed to know their ropes, maintenance, and strength of the ropes. Riggers should be able to tie a quick release single column tie and ideally a safe tight box tie (upper body tie where the hands are on the back) not necessarily for suspension.

ROPEES are expected to know what to be aware of in respect to blood flow, risks of nerve damage and their own limits in respect to tightness they can endure on various body parts.

All events provide a queer-positive environment.

PRICE: 95 EUR for a pair or 60 EUR per person (if you don't have a partner)
Before reserving your spot, please read PRACTICALITIES & INFO section below.
By purchasing a ticket, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to the following information.
Ropes are not provided. If you don't have your own ropes but are ready to participate, please contact the organizer to find a solution.
Bring your own yoga mat.

Comfortable, non-restrictive clothing. You can participate with or without socks. Wearing a soft bra instead of a bra with underwire is recommended. We have a few blankets for aftercare.

Using substances/alcohol is forbidden.
Drinking water, tea, and coffee will be provided. Bring your own reusable cup or bottle.

Taking photos or videos will be forbidden. We kindly ask you to be mindful and fully present during the workshops. Also, please respect the privacy of the community.

Limited space in the venue allows only up to 6-7 pairs to participate (12-14 people).

50% in advance to reserve your spot (non-refundable). The rest of the payment needs to be paid on the workshop day.

If all spots are reserved, we will open a waiting list.

If you don't have a partner to participate with or you have any other questions, contact organizer Kristina.
Drink and Draw Latvia figure drawing event producer, studio host
Email: drinkndrawlatvia@gmail.com